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Commercial Media Made Simple
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Hey YOU.

You're a busy person

Leave the media to us

Commercial media made simple.

It's no secret how important a strong social media presence is for local businesses. Getting pro-level photos and videos to share is a challenge on your own. Our solution makes sense. One price gets you up to a minute-long ad to post on all your socials, plus all the stock videos and stills we captured for you to post daily. 

That means no wasted footage. Traditionally when you pay for commercial video all you get in the end is exactly that, just 1 polished video. Which is certainly valuable, but that in-between time is also important. So we give you all the stock footage we capture for you to use as you will on the daily.

1. Your commercial video

Book a time with us and we'll arrive at a time best suited for your business. Shoots take anywhere from 1 to 3 hours on average. And we either can provide a voice-over or record you on location. 

2. Your stock video

We deliver the best shots of the entire shoot. Color graded and edited. We don't limit the amount of footage delivered. We deliver all quality shots.

3. Your stock photos

We shoot all our footage in the highest quality, high resolution we have. So we cherry-pick the best frames to give you as stills. No limits are placed on quantity. We give you the best of what we capture.

Adjustment Layer.00_00_56_06.Still003.png
Adjustment Layer.00_00_19_10.Still005.png
Adjustment Layer.00_01_13_08.Still012.png

Recent shots for local Businesses

2021 Cadence Fair -010.jpg
2021 Cadence Fair -008.jpg
2021 Cadence Fair -027.jpg
2021 Cadence Fair -039.jpg
2021 Cadence Fair -048.jpg
2021 Cadence Fair -028.jpg

Get all 3 deliverables for one price. Book a time and we'll come ready to make you a star. We don't believe great media should be hard to attain.

So we made attainable.


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