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Creative Photography

We aren't shy when it comes to creative challenges. We thrive on creativity and nothing gets us more excited than new ways to create imaginative photos.

Standing out in a media saturated world requires creativity.


And create is what we do.

3 fish.jpg
Jelly fish jelly.jpg

Diversity breeds progress.

Most photographers believe that you have to pick a lane and stay in to succeed in photography. We strongly disagree. In a world where the token word "Niche" is thrown about with reckless abandon, it would be easy to believe that. But We adamantly believe that expanding your horizons and challenging your creativity constantly will carry into all fields of your profession. 

Kodak moon.jpg

True creativity is an adventure

To be creative is to explore, to explore is to discover. Discovery is always at the heart of creating something new. Laplanet Arts main objective is always creative discovery.

Our objective is to always nurture our sense of creativity and use it to evolve our style. We love when clients can challenge us and give us a new opportunity to grow. We like to think Each project we take on is carried with us to the next, and remains a part of us always.

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Lets make something.

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