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The Fifine K670, a brutal blow to blue.


Wow, this Mic takes it home with simplicity and quality. Let me explain how. First the build of this Mic is impressive. Being nearly all metal it has a great weight to it, keeping it mostly bottom heavy which keeps it stabilized. So if you knock the table or shake it it won't just topple over. Also it probably wont just break on you.

The ease of use is remarkable. Plugged it into my PC and in about 5 seconds it was fully installed all on its own. Just make sure that you change your PC audio input to the usb device if it doesn't automatically since it doesn't just plug into the 3.5 mm mic jack.

The quality of this device is crazy good for this price. since it has its own built in sound card it digitizes the audio before it reaches the PC and has any chance of interference. All audio is crisp and clear especially if you speak closely to it removing any chance of background noise.

This Mic id perfect for streamers, youtubers, podcasters or anything that needs simple high quality sound. Blue being the main competitor to this Mic doesn't even come close when it comes to price to performance with this device. The Blue Yeti comes in around $129 while the Fifine K670 is only $47. While the Blue yeti has 3 separate recording functions, most only want to use the cardioid feature which the K670 rocks at a much lower price point. The Blue snowball is roughly the same price as the K670 but Doesn't have the same build quality. So in my book the K670 takes the win.

As for Cons I really haven't found any yet, aside from the one plastic piece being the mounting bracket to the stand. Full metal would have been perfect. And I've been trying to. perhaps I'll have to return in 6 months to a year to see how it has held up over time. But so far my only criticism is the name. Fifine you need to come up with some memorable names for these great Microphones. It gives them personality, makes the easier to remember and the psychology behind it makes people want to own it, just from the standpoint of a marketing specialist.

All and all I HIGHLY recommend this Mic. Well done Fifine!

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Michael Bettan
Michael Bettan
Apr 19, 2020

Do not buy from this low quality brand, this microphone is highly sensitive and does not provide microphone gain control for self voice monitoring. It catch a lot of background noise, it's worse than my headset. Voice monitoring does not work well as it catch a very audible processing noise from the device.

Fifine Customer service refused to pay for a full refund and free return!!! Do not buy this product and brand!!

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