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The Maono fairy mic lite. good hardware crippled by bad design.



I hate to leave a slightly negative review. But it is crucial for developers to take these things into consideration to make even better products in the future. Let's start with the bad. The worst part is the stand itself. The thin metal strips have hard almost sharp edges that feel like an afterthought. Almost like it never left the concept stage. The stand is so thin that it skids easy and picks up all vibrations from the table. The housing and dials also feel chintzy and easy make noise. Such as the dials when adjusted during a recording make a fair amount of noise. Watch the video of this to see. Negativity aside, the internal components I can tell are genuinely good, and if it weren't for the outer design flaws would probably be a audio recording powerhouse. And the usage of type C USB is a nice step, especially for phone users. I just hope that the next design is improved to fix these flaws. I have ordered microphones in the past from maono and loved them. This time it just missed the mark.

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