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The Neewer S5B 3-Axis Phone Gimbal


 The Neewer S5B 3-axis gimbal Sits at a very interesting point compared to its competition. being typically significantly cheaper than the offerings from DJI, it offers very capable Hardware however lacks proper software to make it really rise to the occasion. Now don't get me wrong, the performance of this gimbal is solid. however, lacking a first-party software remains to be the problem. The software you use is called gimbal Pro. it is a third-party software that works okay minus the fact that the camera usage with it is terrible. the quality of video that it records in gimbal Pro is very inconsistent and sometimes just plain terrible. however, though you do need gimbal Pro to operate and calibrate the gimbal properly, once everything is running you can simply exit out of gimbal Pro and launch the typical camera software of your choice. then it becomes a fine enough experience. I've noticed consistently smooth footage compared to my normal shaky hands self. and having mechanized pan-and-tilt even while standing still adds a lot of value to this device. Especially if you can shoot in widescreen. my phone is the OnePlus 7 Pro and it's a bit of a heavy behemoth. But once calibrated correctly the gimbal can handle it just fine. though you will most definitely see better results with a smaller phone. once you get used to this gimbal you will be able to do a lot with it and it may help make your Vlogs or vacation footage all the better. as an entry-level gimbal, I can definitely recommend this. Especially for its price.

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