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Venus Optics Laowa 7.5mm Rectilinear Lens


 Venus optics has made a nearly perfect lens to combat the weak point of the micro four-thirds camera system. Its' 2X crop factor. And creating a rectilinear lens at 7.5mm is no small feat, most lenses that wide are most certainly fish eye. Not that there isn't a slight bowing at the edges, it still takes a very decerning eye to notice, and it's an easy fix in lightroom with a profile correction.

The lens has a solid construction but light construction. I can't find the specific materials it's made of other then what venus optics reports, that it's metal. So I assume either magnesium or aluminum. The total weight is 200g or 7oz. It has a fast aperture of 2.0 and manual only controls. Which in my opinion is the only thing that holds it back from a perfect score. Not that it bothers me much because my settings more often than not are at full manual anyway. And when a lens is this wide you usually shoot at infinity. However, the depth of field at F/2 provides you with a Unique perspective at very close up wide shots with shallow depth of field. See the video below for examples.

If you are a videographer, cinematographer, real estate photographer or landscape photographer that uses the micro four-thirds system, this lens is a must since it is the widest angle lens in the world for that system at an fov of 110.

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