What if I told you

that for $75 a month you could have an awesome website?

Why so cheap?

It's because I love you. Well more specifically I love small business... And I think everyone should have access to their own website. Now more than ever you NEED a website to grow your business. But as a web developer and marketing specialist I know the costs are a little hard to swallow if you're just starting out. 

The average quote for small business sites is $3000-$5000

Plus monthly hosting and maintenance fees. OW.

Don't get me wrong, it's totally worth it if you can afford it. But it isn't for everyone. So I came up with something different. I call it Laplanet Access. It's a fully subscription based platform for your website. That way you pay one flat fee every month and know exactly what you get. No complications. No surprises.

Pick a plan best for you 

The Startup


(limited time offer)

  • Ultra optimized site, Google will love it

  • Landing page, About page, and contact page included along with a gallery if applicable

  • Customized design tailored to fit your business and target audience.

  • Monthly updates to your gallery and features

  • SSL encryption (no hackers here)

  • All the social links you need

  • Domain name included

  • Unique Laplanet Access footer connected to all members to boost ranks via network backlinks

  • We'll do all the hard work so you can focus on your business

  • You have a full site for $35... I mean c'mon don't make me change my mind

  • Everything The Startup includes

  • Have a lot to say? Reach more people by writing and publishishing unlimited articles, and blog posts to your community. Users can comment and share to other platforms too!

  • We'll even moderate posts and make sure they're optimized  

The Store


  • Everything the others plans have

  • Now you get a killer store, sell anything from digital art to custom motorcycles. It's up to you!

  • We take no commissions, all sales go directly to you

  • Sell subscription services to customers and get paid monthly! That's like a subscription in a subscription!

  • We will obliterate your competition 

Need something more?

No worries, Laplanet Arts still offers more traditional website offerings.

Want a quote on a custom site you have full control and ownership of?

Contact for an estimate

For A laplanet Access Membership

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