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Comica boom xd, brilliant design, and versatility on the go.

Once in a while I cover a product in a review I can't find really any fault with. And this is one of them. I have gone through so many Mic systems that I honestly got bored of them,

Do they capture audio that sounds good and clean?

Sure, but that isn't in itself a rarity is it?

This one caught my eye. Let's go through just a few basics since the video covers most everything. Ok, so let's cover the main features. It has audio monitoring on its' little LCD display which is huge for those who have a camera system that decided to leave that out. It has channel separation between mics which is super convenient between mics if you want a backup or simply want left and right channels for an interview or something. USB type C charging is a joy to have as well as a battery monitor on the mini LCD.

Having a built-in monitor for each transmitter is REALLY a hard to find feature which just makes so much sense.But really all these things are already on paper and what you really want to know is how does it sound. Honestly, it is some of the cleanest and static-free sound I have ever gotten out of a wireless Lav Mic system. The audio is pretty basic and requires a little punching up but is SUPER clean and lacked any static which is common in cheaper systems. Comica has made a fantastic compact mic system that serves the needs of all with its extremely ell thought out design.

Bonus fact: the clip on the back of both the transmitter and receiver both fit the 3/4 cold shoe mount on all cameras. So sliding it onto the top or side of a camera rig is a sinch.


out the video below for the full review, all recorded on the Comica Boom XD

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